Costume design, vintage sewing machines, painting

Rainy Days and Mondays . . .

 . . . make me want to paint furniture!  How about you? No??? OK, just me then.

While visiting my mom last week, I got inspired (read: stole some ideas) to repaint all of the horribly ugly industrial furniture that I have in my studio.  It’s an odd mishmash of old office furniture, store fixtures, factory work tables & an industrial sewing machine.  None of it is remotely coordinated & it’s all hid-e-ous.  So, I decided to get them all into the same color world, and see where it goes from there.  My walls are light apricot, and other furnishings (that I like) have shades of oranges, light aqua, dark brown & eggshell in some wacky patterns. 

My first victim is a three-level shelving unit that was formerly a display unit for fake plants from Marshall Fields (from when it WAS Marshall Fields). I purchased it from a dock sale when I worked there in the Visual Dept.  It is metal & has one glass shelf & two wooden ones, is approx. 48″W x 20″D x 34″H and it’s grey, grey, grey.


First, I roughed up the metal frame and the surface of the shelves with steel wool to give the paint something to stick to.  For this project, I’m not using any fancy metal paints, spraypaints, nada.  My mom SWEARS that a good roughing of the surface + a solid basecoat of Killz is all that is needed to recoat the metal.  SO if it doesn’t work . . . we know who to call.  Here is an exciting shot of my hand using the steel wool:


For the first coat of Killz, I used a brush to apply it, but quickly switched to a roller for the large, straight surfaces & a sponge brush to get into the nooks & crannies.  The roller covered faster and better than the brush;  I used a small one with a pretty high nap, as I wanted the piece to look like it had a little texture without looking like it had been textured by some faux painting maniac.  It took two coats of Killz to cover both the base & shelves evenly.  I turned the fans on them and walked away.  I’m very impatient when waiting for paint to dry, but I want this to look halfway decent, so I wait.  How about some basecoat pics?  Great!

I just realized that all of my paint colors are food-related: light apricot, swiss cocoa, bittersweet chocolate . . . I’m hoping to get the colors painted later tonight or tomorrow, topcoat to follow.


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