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UPDATE: Very Intricate Dress, version 2: #12105b

I’ve started on a simplified version of dress #12105.  The striped fabric is a very soft & lightweight wool, the brown fabric is silk.  As with the previous version of the dress, I’ve flatlined the striped fabric to increase stability.  These photos show major construction complete, but there is still much to do:

  • There will be a 1/4″ edging of red silk organza finishing & outlining the edge of the striped pieces & neckline.
  • Lining will be in coordinated red silk, which will peek out 1/2″ below the skirt.
  • 1 large square button holding neck flap in place, one at right hip.
  • finish armholes.
  • There will be a hidden zipper in the left side seam, front closure is only an illusion.

As you’ll notice, the skirt pieces are only pin-basted.  Since they’re cut on the bias, I’m letting them hang for a couple days to let the bias relax, then I’ll remove them, lay back over pattern piece & trim as needed.

Back to work!


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