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Vintage Sewing Pattern Finds

I *finally* checked out The Antique and Resale Shoppe last weekend, and am so glad I did! I had heard about this place, but never made it over when they were open. In fact, I made it there a half hour before they were to close, but the place was hopping so they stayed open later. Now, I’m personally not a huge fan of jewelry and accessories, so I never felt a pressing need to check it out, but I’m currently working on a show that requires a lot of accessories. The storefront looks tiny, tucked in at the end of a strip mall, but it’s packed to the roof with a wide variety of goodies, well-organized and sorted by color and style. Not only do they have every style of jewelry I’ve ever seen, they also carry hats, scarves, sunglasses, purses, vintage coats, select vintage clothing, small collectibles, dishes, silverware, vintage table linens, etc… It was overwhelming (in a good way). Being the thorough thrifter that I am, I looked behind, under & on top of everything, and was rewarded by finding two boxes packed with vintage sewing patterns. Some were in pretty bad shape, but most looked great and were complete. I came home with 7 patterns:

SkirtSimp1688This was the first one I saw, Simplicity 1688. I love the button details on both views of this wrap skirt. I also love the flirty and slightly devious look of the sketches.

DressMcc6125McCalls 6125 is a dress/jacket combo with some really nice neckline detailing. The left sketch looks very much like Joan from Mad Men.

DressButt4155Butterick 4155 is another adorable dress, I love the side panel detail and the stand-up collar.

DressButt996Butterick 996?, a cute fun dress that can be a little sexier in the straight skirt version. I love a square neckline.

DressSimp2132Now, puffy sleeves aren’t really my thing personally, but Simplicity 2132 will certainly make it into my stash of party dress patterns for theatre.

MJacketMcc9636I was surprised to find a few mens patterns as well. I should get a lot of use out of McCall’s 9636. The pattern is unopened and uncut, and looks like a nicely tailored jacket with a single and double breasted option.

MSuitSimp5457A little wackier is Simplicity 5457. It’s easy enough to tame those flares! I mostly liked how tailored the jacket is; so many modern patterns are ridiculously boxy (thank you 1980s) I was glad to find something with a waistline!

So, there you have my happy finds, and at $2 per pattern, it really couldn’t be beat!


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